Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Desert

This is not a great picture. As you can see, I took it from the road and in the car. I recently took a short road trip in my neighborhood. I live on the western slope of Colorado and if I leave town in any direction I am either in the high desert in five minutes or in the mountains in 15 minutes. For this trip I picked the high desert. This was shot behind Glade Park. two caves cut into the mountain eons ago by moving water. It sits on private property that is a cattle ranch. Notice none of the cattle are around it. Caves can be scary places...oh, my!
There is some real beauty in the desert. It hides in the details. If I look with a wide focus, I see indomitable brown with intermittent green. It seems very uninviting. But if I look closely, I see small flowers, a flat rock to hang out on for a bit, green green sage, and the occasional rabbit wandering its domain looking for seeds. Oh, yeah, and rattlesnakes!

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