Sunday, April 20, 2008

Long's Peak

This is a photo of Long's Peak from a distance in a spot in Rocky Mountain National Park that I've visited, sometimes several times a day (my Mom and Dad have owned a cabin in Grand Lake for almost twenty years). The Elk in the foreground are prevalent in the park and the towns on either end of Trail Ridge Road, Estes Park to the east and Grand Lake to the west.
I miss that part of the country, through I live in equally beautiful territory in western Colorado. The Rockies have always held me in absolute awe, and there is no end to territory to be explored that is just breathtaking. Long's Peak is one of Colorado's fourteener's, there are over 50 in Colorado.

I think it is probably the best known next to Pike's Peak, simply because of the view. Long's Peak can be seen from the far north of Colorado and viewed an entire trip south on 1-25 through Denver. Pike's Peak can be seen from Denver on a smog free day. I have not climbed either on foot. I've climbed Pike's Peak in a car twice. Spectacular drive! The Long's Peak summit can only be reached via foot trial, I believe. It would be a great goal for me to set to do it. I have done Gray's and Torres, other fourteener's in the state, but have never felt compelled to climb all 54 like some people do.

I can say for the back country hiking I have done, it's not a bad goal to hike certain trails or mountains, it often is the only way to see the most gorgeous territory this country has to offer. I feel so lucky to live in Colorado, I can't imagine being anywhere else!

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