Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My grandparents

My grandparents celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary on April 4th. I often have wondered how people stay together for so long and remain civil. What I've been told, what research says, and what seems to hold true are the following things: They genuinely like each other; they have an honest respect for each other; they share common goals; they don't sweat the small stuff and it seems to all be small stuff; they share their lives, but give themselves space to be independent individuals; and above all they are in love through all that life tosses their way, good and bad.

Too often I see people call it quits so quickly without giving it an honest shot. Egos, fear, whatever seems to get in the way of the reason they fell in love in the first place. Life is not easy. We have to give ourselves our own breaks and be extraordinarily gentle with ourselves. A friend of mine says that it is also easier if we have a soft place to land when it gets tough. That soft place in the past has been our significant other. Partnerships that offer support stand the test of time over and over again. Congratulations, Grandpa and Grandma! Thank you for being a strong example of the power of love.

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