Friday, May 16, 2008

Abbie in her own world

I put a picture of my Abbie cat in a previous post entitled "Abbie in Wonderland". Truly, Abbie is really in her own little world. I'm sitting at my desk like a good writer with my hands on my keyboard and windows open to the beautiful spring weather and my cat is crawling from window to window easily distracting me since I seem to be procrastinating on my writing topic today. Here is the interesting thing about Abbie, she shouldn't be crawling from window to window because she somehow missed the dignified, sleek, gracefulness of the cat gene. She has been known to trip over her own feet, fall out of windows through the screen because of losing her balance, falling off the bed rolling over for a belly rub, etc. So watching her is somewhat of a white knuckle event. I have to be prepared for any possible happenstance that may follow her through her day. The great thing about her attitude is that little phases her. She crashes into a wall, shakes her head and moves on to the next event, falls out of the window, calls to me to rescue her and moves on without so much as a thank you. That Abbie cat is really in her own little world, but it looks like an okay place to be. Now to stop procrastinating. Abbie has survived for six years in her world, I'm sure she will continue to survive.

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