Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Challenge

Okay, I'm putting my challenge out there. I have begun working with "Book In A Month" and "No Plot? No Problem!" Beginning June 1st (yes, it's out a couple of a weeks), I'm taking up the challenge. Why wait until June. Simply because there are thirty days in June and it is a good time to start. Also, it is my birthday June 1st and it seems like a good birthday present for me. I've had a story in mind for years now but have never accomplished its completion. I have nothing standing in my way now, I live in a perfect environment and work in the perfect job to allow me to write away. In reading both books it gives me hope that I can do this. Chris Baty who wrote "No Plot? No Problem!" wrote a book in thirty days because he didn't know he couldn't. Victoria Lynn Schmidt who wrote "Book In A Month" believes a deadline is solid motivation to get it done. She also chunks it down into a workable format for people like me who know what they want to write but have faced serious resistance to getting it done. I decided because of my current environment, which I have been waiting for and resisting my whole life, is here and it is either time to put up or shut up. This is an all or nothing endeavor. I want to have a sense of accomplishment to have completed something in my life, whether is gets published or not is secondary. I just want it done.

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