Monday, May 19, 2008

My Horoscope Today

My horoscope today said that if I am ready that I should make room for a new love. I take it as a romantic relationship. I am not ready for that. I had endured too much and lost so much as a result of loving someone, sacrificing myself and losing them anyway. The truth is that it could mean to make room for the love of a new pet, a new project, or a new hobby. I have decided to take it to mean making room for a new project. I have talked about taking the challenge to write a book in a month. I think that will be my new love, my new passion. Since I've decided to take the challenge I've been doing the preliminary work and research and enjoying it very much. It has been so much more rewarding than any relationship I ever had with a man. My friends tell me that I have to find the right man. Not now. It will have to wait, maybe the rest of my life. I've hurt too much at the lies men have told me. Now I will create with Good Orderly Direction and the creative universe.

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