Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I just spent the last hour cleaning out my email. I unsubscribed to about 50 spam mails. I spent too much time in the past year responding to work at home sites. Because I did that, I was put on every list from here to Japan. I have decided that I'll keep my day job. I have benefits, a 401(k) and work odd enough hours to have time for my first priority, writing. The idea of working at home came when I was living in another state. Bad idea to move to the other state. Really bad idea. Then I thought working at home would give me time for writing. They are ALL scams. I never made any money, I have gotten nothing but more junk mail to weed through every day. I thought I was smarter than that. But then again, I thought I was smarter than to move to another state for the idea of love. Valuable lessons learned on both accounts.

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