Saturday, June 28, 2008

Callie has discovered her swimming personality

Callie and I went out to Connected Lakes this morning to enjoy the nice cool weather before it gets horribly hot as it has been for days now. Connected Lakes is part of the Colorado River Trail system that meanders through Grand Junction and will eventually connect the entire valley from Palisade to Fruita. Right now it is about 27 miles of trail and will eventually be about 100...I think. Anyway, we wandered around the trails for a while and I went over to the shore of one of lakes to let her get a drink of water and wade a bit. She started jumping around and splashing water, she liked that a lot, then went a little further and her feet left the bottom. No panic, no freaking, she just started swimming! I'm so thrilled, I've wanted a water dog for a long time. Ozzie couldn't do it because of his hips, but Callie took to it...sorry for the a duck to water. I'm convinced I have the smartest dog on the planet! Now the trick may be to keep her out of it when I need too. The rivers are running high and fast this year, but I think if I'm careful where I take her she will be just fine. I have to say I'm having such fun with her. Everything is new and fresh and exciting and she makes everything a new adventure.

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