Sunday, June 8, 2008

A New Love

A friend of mine came into the store, I think the same day I wrote about losing Ozzie. I was lamenting about how empty the house is now even though I have Abbie. He pointed a finger at me and said, "I may have something for you". He told me a story about a puppy his partner brought home the day after I put Ozzie down. It's a sad story. A car pulled into the Burger King parking lot where this guy is a manager and door opened and the puppy was thrown out of the car. Then the guy driving the car got out and kicked the puppy, got back in the car and drove off. The manager, of course, retrieved the puppy, gave her some water and took her home. They both love her, but have two dogs already. They also have a very compassionate landlord, but to a point. I said I'd love to look at her. He went home and came back five minutes later with this little, precious, beautiful lab puppy! What a love!

So, she comes home to me Tuesday. I have been working but have Tuesday and Wednesday off so I can be with her and take her to the vet, and let her get used to me. I so appreciate these guys who brought her to me. They've kept her, loved her, bathed her, fed her and kept her safe, but also know they can't keep her and have faith that I will do for her what they've done. I'm thrilled! Ozzie would be happy that I'm passing my love on. I've been trying to think of a name, but will probably spend a couple of days with her and see what she looks like. I didn't have much time with her because I was working, so we'll see.

I got on Google today and did some research on housebreaking. Ozzie was over a year old when I brought him home from the shelter, and the dog my ex-husband and I had he had to house train because I could never tell if Murphy was sitting or squatting :)! So I could be writing about how terrible that process is going, but am going to give it my best shot. She's had a very unfair and rough start to life. I'd like to make all of her years the best possible. She's earned it!

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