Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pictures of my new Fruppie

I couldn't wait to get these posted. Her name is Callie, she's my new furry, fuzzy, fluffy friend. I'm so thrilled with her I can't stand it!

As you can see, she's pretty tiny, and is having a hard time adjusting to her surroundings :).

I've had her about two full days now and love her to death. I'm struggling with the house training, but am cutting us both some slack. I haven't had to house train in a gazillion years, and she's only ten weeks old. I'm sad for her first few weeks on this planet, but am finding myself glad that inbred redneck jerk kicked her out of the car. I now get the years of joy of having a really great friend. I know that Ozzie would be pleased that she was getting all the love and attention he got, and I'm sure he's happy to share his bed!

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