Sunday, June 29, 2008

A writing buddy

I found a writing buddy. The published author I met a couple of days ago thought we'd be good motivation for each other to get pages hammered out and have someone else to read them at the same time. He's tried some of the writing groups here and feels like I do, that they are too critical and not conducive to production. I know for me that I don't need a critic right now. It has taken me a lot of time to recover from the criticisms I've received in the past and put my work out there for any one to see. Even these entries are challenging for me, but necessary to move beyond my thinking that my writing is useless. This is exciting to me. Someone to read my work, give me constructive feedback and help me grow minus tearing me apart.

While we were visiting this morning, Callie was practicing her swimming again. She's a good reminder for me. Progress not perfection. She didn't know how to swim, and now she's learning and will get better each day we practice. Kind of like my writing will get better each day I practice. I don't think I look cute doing my writing practice; but I have say, she looks adorable doing her swimming practice!

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