Sunday, July 27, 2008

Agility Training

Callie and I went to Sherwood Park this morning. It is a great place to do some training with her because she's supposed to be on a leash and there are about a million other dogs everywhere to distract her. I like to use the environment to establish pack order in our pack. She did really well this morning. Not perfect by any means, but she is only about 4 months old, so I was impressed. I had her attention more than I was fighting to get it.

Anyway, one of the dogs that interested both of us was a Border Collie doing some agility exercises with her owner. Border Collie's really excel at agility because they have the herding moves inbred. They are tight, specific moves designed to move herds in very specific directions. They respond to whistles and hand gestures with amazing speed. I know Callie isn't a herding dog, she's definitely a retriever, but she may be good at something like obstacle courses. I think it'd be good exercise for both of us and something to look forward to each day rather the usual boring, dull...walk... :-)

I'm guessing there has to be something here on the western slope. There are just far to many dogs around here to not have clubs or groups or something. I think I'll start asking customers. There is always someone who knows something I'm looking to find out.

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