Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Callie Full Throttle

Don't let the picture fool you. This is Callie in one of her rare quiet moments. The girl comes out of the gate in the morning at a full sprint. Ready for action, any action. Chasing the cat, playing fetch, going for a walk where she carries her own leash or a short swim in the pond. She is so full of life and ready to take it on each and every day. It's all so exciting whatever the new adventure may be. She's learning a lot every day and has discovered car rides are just great! That means we must be going somewhere fun. She likes going to the store with me because everyone makes such a fuss over her and she is the center of attention. OOHHHH! She loves that part. Pets, scratches, people talking funny. There are three new puppies in the neighborhood. Callie, Gertie and Trigger. She has met Gertie and they had a blast hanging out. I think it was great fun for both of them to have a playmate their own size. Callie's not opposed to mixing with dogs bigger than her though. Ollie, Jim's dog, is one of her favorites. They talk forever. We wish we knew what they said, but we don't, and they're content just sitting and barking back and forth. Gauge is a service dog who amazes me. She can go from work mode to play mode with the flick of her owner Miles' hand. And she likes Callie, she plays gently with her and lets Callie run all over her. Abbie, my friend Gene's dog, didn't like her too much, but Abbie has been inundated with other dogs over the last few months and her life has changed, she's not happy about it. Duke is one of the dogs that lives with Gene now, he was laying on he floor and Callie crawled up on his back to chew on his ears. He didn't look thrilled, but let her do it a little bit because I don't think he wanted to hurt her. I came to his rescue, he needs his ears. I had one redneck offer to take her off my hands if I couldn't manage her. That pissed me off. Some people simply have no manners. Callie is adjusting to her world pretty well and I like that she makes me get out and do things with her. I also like that she's so responsive to training. She wants to know her role in the team and is glad someone tells her. I'm getting better at being consistent, but I also want her to have her full out playtime to burn off some of her endless energy. She'll never replace Ozzie, but I'm having a lot of fun with her that I didn't have with him because he was older and had so many health problems his whole life, but he was still a great companion. Callie is a blank slate that I can shape into a great companion that will not be intimidated by her surroundings or limited by health issues.


Anonymous said...

Abigail needs a dog to chase her around a bit. If she loses some weight, then maybe she won't be so clumsy :)

gjwriter said...

Nope. You didn't know Abbie when she was younger. She was simply a slimmer version of her clutzy self. :)