Monday, July 28, 2008

I need to expand my horizons

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Anna Patterson's last Internet search engine was so impressive that industry leader Google Inc. bought the technology in 2004 to upgrade its own system.
She believes her latest invention is even more valuable - only this time it's not for sale.
Patterson instead intends to upstage Google, which she quit in 2006 to develop a more comprehensive and efficient way to scour the Internet.

The end result is Cuil, pronounced "cool." Backed by $33 million in venture capital, the search engine plans to begin processing requests for the first time Monday.

Cuil had kept a low profile while Patterson, her husband, Tom Costello, and two other former Google engineers - Russell Power and Louis Monier - searched for better ways to search.
Now, it's boasting time.

Web index: For starters, Cuil's search index spans 120 billion Web pages.

Okay, developing a new search engine is "cool". Here was my first thought, I need to expand my horizons. I have maybe, at tops, seventy-five to one hundred web sites I keep in my favorites category. Mostly those dedicated to writing, writers, sobriety, and the usual news crap. 120 billion web pages. That's a lot of exploring left for me to do should I choose.

Note: I posted this, took Callie for a walk, loaded her Kong with Peanut Butter and sat down to surf. General search of Writer's Groups netted 7,447,680 hits on Cuil, and 1,310,000 on Google. I think I just died and went to heaven.

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