Friday, July 25, 2008

Not suitable for puppies

Since I've had Callie I've been doing lots of shopping for chew toys, fetch toys, etc. Most everything I've bought has said, "not suitable for puppies". Every Kong toy, which is indestructible, every Booda bone, every Jumbone, have all said, "not suitable for puppies". My Crocs didn't say, "not suitable for puppies", she ate those. My bath towel didn't say, "not suitable for puppies", she ate that too. I almost forgot...since I'm not driving much with the gas prices... she ate my steering wheel, that didn't say, "not suitable for puppies". So far she has survived all of it. I'm guessing that most of what I give her isn't suitable for her, but with her teething and growing, she needs to be kept busy chewing on things other than my shoes and clothes. So I give her what's not suitable for her and it keeps me sane and has saved her life, otherwise I may have shot her by now (absolutely just kidding, I'd never do that). She is a constant chewer. If it's not me, it's my chair I sit in when I write, or I catch her wandering off with a sneaker, or working on the rocking chair. So I've decided that what may not be suitable for her is better for her in the long run. I even caught her chewing on the wall one day. That one scared me because when I moved in I got a memo from the landlord on lead based paint. Not that it had been on the walls recently, but the place is so old it is most likely it was used at some point in history. That would be far worse than chewing a Kong filled with Peanut Butter, which will keep her busy for hours...pure heaven! Jim said that with all that puppies eat when they're little it's amazing they survive their first year of life. I think she'll survive and then some. She's a great little girl and growing fast!

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