Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Cold

I took my first vacation from work since I'm now eligible and promptly got a summer cold. The last day I worked two people came to work sick, including the Store Manager. Oh well. My vacation plans were to do some writing, which I've been doing, and hang out with Callie, which I've been doing. She's doing great. I can't load any pictures right now. My computer is barely hanging in there. My Mom's IT person is looking at new systems for me and once I get a new one, I'll upload some new pictures. I only have about a million of them. No wonder my computer crashed. I told her I have all kinds of writing software that I need to load and I need a stable system. One thing I learned for sure is to back up my writing now. Mom gave me a thumb drive. I'd never heard of them. They are just great. No bigger than my index finger, they plug into the USB port and I can back up up to 2GB. I should have been doing that all along. I lost some writing, fortunately it was mostly practice and not worth saving anyway, but still...I never know where those little nuggets of gold are hidden in my writing.

I was planning on doing some good writing practice here this morning. But I'm rambling. The phone is ringing, people sending me messages. Too much happening. I guess maybe I'll try again later. Yeesh!

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