Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Swimming and Wasps

Callie went swimming again this morning. I was able to catch a picture for Scott and Mick. Hope you guys found this blog and can see all the pictures since I couldn't get them emailed to you. She went a little deeper this morning and even retrieved a stick I tossed in for her. All the splashing is her little legs. One guy I met out there told me puppies do that. They start almost upright in their swimming and as they get more comfortable begin to level out and paddle. I was proud of her. She did it right. Swam like crazy then got out of the water and shook herself dry all over me! :-) Good girl! I'll work on that part. Train to her shake off on the nearest stranger, maybe one who doesn't like dogs. :-) Just kidding. Sadly, on the way back to the car she stuck her nose in one of those divider poles on the trail and pissed off the wasps. Her nose is sore, but she survived to work on a rawhide and is now hanging out in the sun enjoying a quiet morning. I have a couple of days off to spend with her and always enjoy that time. We may peruse the neighborhood for furry four legged friends to romp with. There are plenty around here.


Scott & Mick said...

Hey this is scott, very nice pic.
poor girl with the wasps, I hate wasps. will check back often.

gjwriter said...

Glad you found it! She was a little offended by the wasps, but has recovered nicely. We just finished a practice session of fetch. She loves it! We'll have to make a time for me to bring her over so you guys can see how much she's grown. Take care.

Scott and Mick said...

Ya that would be cool