Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fruita Reservoir

Mom and I took Callie up to Fruita Reservoir today for a hike. It's in the Grand Mesa Two National Forest above Glade Park. Really pretty country. The hike itself is short; about three miles round trip, but the elevation gain is a couple thousand feet. Callie did really well. This was her first major hike. I think she's a natural at it and will be a great hiking buddy just as my Oz was. I look forward to many outings with my girl. We shot some pictures...of course! I have about a gazillian pictures, but blogger has issues with uploading. I'll post more later. You get the idea, the girl had a great time!

Callie decided she has a knack for rock climbing.

Stopping to smell the flowers on the trail.

Butterflies were everywhere up there. We caught this one working on its suntan.

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