Monday, September 15, 2008

Devil's Canyon

We took Callie out to hike in Devil's Canyon yesterday. It's a beautiful place to go, there are lots of other dogs, and she can go off leash since it's BLM land. She got a kick out of it big time. I don't have many pictures of her there because we were hiking fast and I shot a bunch of pictures of the scenery.

Pretty everywhere we looked out there.
We did manage to get Callie to sit still for a split second to pose for this with Mom. As usual, she prefers rocks. She likes to sit on them, push them with her nose, carry them in her mouth, etc. I call her the Rock Hound.

Water Hound:

This morning she got back into the water thing. She forgot she liked to swim for a couple of weeks; I don't know what that was about. But today she played in the water quite a bit. I had to take some movies back to Blockbuster and I had to walk the dog. Perfect walking distance, and took care of two chores at once. Sometimes I amaze myself with my efficiency...:-)

I digress...we were walking along Patterson in front of Quizno's and their sprinklers were running. One of the sprinkler heads was broken and it was bubbling like a little fountain and creating a small pond in the rocks. Callie was a bit timid of the sprinkler at first and bit at the water a couple times. She discovered it was great fun. She would chomp down on the water and get the bubbling to fill her mouth. She stepped on it with her paw and looked around to see where it was, when she moved her paw it shot up in her face, so she attacked it again. She became for a short time an obsessive-compulsive dog fixated on the water. It was fun to watch her, but I had to keep her moving. People on Patterson were rubber-necking and she was going to cause a wreck!

She continues to grow about an inch a minute. I don't know how big she will be, but she is already extremely powerful. Every day I continue to enjoy the heck out of her!

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