Friday, September 26, 2008

Night is falling

More often than not as night is falling I am at work. Darkness comes sooner as the fall creeps on us, and daylight is slower to show us the sun. Night is a time for gratitude. Callie had a good day, a customer is happy, I made a co-worker laugh, I survived another day of my fellow CRM who I really don't like, and I am sober another day. I never was one who did much at night, so being at work seems to make sense. The trade-off is that I have my mornings free, and I have simply come to relish that time. Being a morning person anyway, this isn't a big sacrifice for me. Mornings are so fresh and new and full of possibility. I hit the streets early, first a meeting, then a long walk with Callie. I have come to just love those walks, sometimes exploring new places, sometimes sticking to the same old routine, but loving every minute of that time together with the morning. Especially since it is so cool out now, we go longer and explore more. I love watching the hassled morning commuters running off to work already grumpy. That used to be me. The joke is that Grand Junction has rush minutes rather than rush hours, so no matter their hassled attitude is short-lived. I do like watching the sun set. It glows pink off the monument and outlines the Mesa. These are good times, almost quiet times even though I'm at work. The rush minute has left the store and business as usual is done for the night so we can just ease into the evening, helping the late shopper or ice cream hunter until we lock the doors and go home.

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