Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sad, but it happens...I know

ASPEN, Colo.—An Aspen police officer has been fired and arrested on alcohol and weapons charges after the chief said he came to work drunk.
Jim Crowley, an 18-year veteran of the Aspen force, was dismissed last week and arrested on suspicion of driving while ability-impaired and prohibited use of a weapon.
Police Chief Richard Pryor says the weapons charge was filed because Crowley had a firearm in his holster at the time he was allegedly intoxicated.
Attorney Lawson Wills says Crowley went to work hung over and had not been drinking before work. Wills also says no one saw Crowley driving.
Wills says he is providing legal advice to Crowley as a friend but will not be his attorney in court proceedings.

I was fired from two jobs for drinking. The first time I was fired I denied drinking on the job. The sad thing is, I went out and got another job instead of help (I was that far in denial of my ability to "handle" my problem), and was fired from that job as well. It was only then that I decided the rest of the world was right and I needed help. Rehab didn't keep me sober, but I learned a lot. Sadly, I had to lose a lot more than a job to get sober. Thank God I did. The life I have now is actually worth living.

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