Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a difference a day makes

I recently read "Cesar's Way" to learn more about dogs, how they think, what motivates them. One of the things he says is walk your dog, walk your dog, and walk your dog some more. When you think your dog is tired do another mile! So yesterday I had to work in the morning and because I had closed the night before I had to sleep fast. Still, I only had time for about a half mile walk with Callie before I had to go to work. Then when I got home we were having a righteous dust storm, so I wasn't going anywhere!
Well...this morning it was Callie Full Throttle again! Oh my heck! You'd have thought she was twelve weeks old again. Since I don't have to work till this afternoon, we hit it. Four miles was about what it took to get her settled down, even then she's still a little nuts this morning. Once again Cesar is absolutely right, when you're tired, walk your dog some more! The icing on the cake is she did get to see Jim. That just makes her day everyday she gets to spend time with him. I think she'd dump me in heart beat if he gave her the word! :-)

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