Friday, October 10, 2008

Lessons I learned from my dog

Everyone who has a dog does this. We all have great lessons to learn from our furry four-legged fruppies.

EVERYTHING is a playtoy.

Don't go into anything with expectations, you'll have more fun and never be disappointed.

When you don't get what you want, do something really cute till they cave to your will.

Hanging out in the bathtub is A-okay!

Don't worry about making mistakes, there is always opportunity to try again until you get it right...and there is usually a great treat at the end!

When you get tangled up in a big mess, stop moving. Someone will help you get untangled.

Don't let a little rain keep you inside.

If the rain does keep you inside remember your choices: a good nap, a movie and popcorn, teasing the cat, a warm bath and a nice treat after, digging in the toy box, or just hanging out doing nothing.

Don't mess with the cat, they usually start it, but you end up getting in trouble.

And the most important thing I learned from my dog: Trust your Mom, you may not agree with her, but she only has your best interest and safety at heart.

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