Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Little Miss Callie

That innocent cute little puppy...HA! She's not bad, really, I just haven't written about her for a while. My family is coming to town tomorrow to celebrate my aunt's 65th birthday (officially an old lady :-)). I can't wait to see everyone. I haven't seen George and Judy since Christmas 2006, and I was not in good shape, but that's another story. I've talked to them much and they said my cousin who I haven't seen in about 6 years is coming as well. I just adore him. He manages the bikes on the Yamaha racing team, so he's on the road, plus he has two little people he's trying to keep up with. It's always a good time when we get together.
In the meantime, I'm working eight days straight to get time off to be with them and to make up on my transfer. So this morning the alarm went off. I thought I'd just lay there fore a few minutes and kept the radio going and Callie was laying beside me. I fell back asleep for longer than I thought and woke up just in time to miss my AA meeting. Callie was still on the bed but had been very active for that couple of hours. I looked over at her and she had her stuffed (now unstuffed) porcupine in her mouth and was looking at me. She had chewed a hole in the toy, taken out the squeaker (all animals hate those), killed it and proceeded to take out every piece of stuffing that poor porcupine had in it's little body and spread it all over the bed! I didn't hear her, I didn't feel her moving...I was obviously dead to the world. I will say this: I am proud of my little girl for keeping herself busy when no one is around to entertain her. :-) She is just such a good little girl...and all puppy!

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