Monday, October 20, 2008

Scaffolding for our reproductive systems

Yesterday I started my new job. I was told that weird things sometimes happened in that store. I was not prepared for what that actually meant. I left the store for lunch with the security person and was walking through the south parking lot. It backs up to a grassy area by a credit union. I looked to my left and saw a couple of homeless people laying on the grass...not unusual. I looked back a second time to say something to the security person and caught them out of the corner of my eye. The guy was on top of the girl. Okay...I got in my car and as I was driving away looked again. He was fucking her...going to town, right there under a tree, no blanket, no attempting to be discreet, nothing! Other homeless people were standing around. It was like watching a train wreck...I kept looking and when I looked again, she had her legs up in the air and they were really going at it!

I thought, this can't be what they meant by weird things happen around here...can it?!

When I got back from lunch, there were several cop cars and officers were talking to him. She had disappeared. He was clearly under the influence of something, but was not arrested. I don't even know if he was issued a summons.

I was thinking about what my ex said. People are only brought together by their own strong sexual impulses and need for procreation. We humans are simply scaffolding for our reproductive systems. I have a lot of thoughts about that thinking on his part and how it made me feel as part of his life...but I what ground do I have to stand on? Let's just say, on so many levels, I ended up feeling completely unfulfilled in that relationship. But since we are just scaffolding I don't have a right to feel anything because it could never really be a relationship if it's simply about sex. And this act yesterday certainly lends credibility to his argument.

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