Monday, October 6, 2008

Three things my father told me

Most of my writing practice comes from prompts. I like working with them as they tend to be provocative and somewhat frighteningly insightful to me. Much of my writing practice happens elsewhere from here; the ones I post are a simple decision to type my writing practice rather than write it, and this is as good a place as any to store it.

Three things my father (my dad, as they are two different people in my world). One, don't smoke...I did. Two, take your time in relationships, spend time getting to know people and explore who they are before diving in head first...I have never done that and have paid the the most important thing he told me: Three, there are consequences for your actions...YES THERE ARE! I had to learn that one the hard way. I am incredibly stubborn, willful, selfish and pigheaded. The consequences for my actions have matched my behavior appropriately. What I have learned relatively late in life is that I do not have to react to anything. It doesn't mean I don't, it means I'm aware I don't have too. I have the capacity, the tools, the insightfulness of life's lessons learned to understand that no action can often be better than the wrong action. I know that if I make the wrong decision I then have to clean up the mess I make as a result of my behavior. That is not only something that my father told me, it is something that I take to heart and carry with me wherever I go...all because I am a sober alcoholic who now pays attention. The thing I tell myself everyday...there is absolutely nothing or no one worth drinking over.

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