Monday, November 3, 2008

Grand Junction High School Football Team - 1936

1930s EDUCATION - The entire town was enthused about the 1936 Grand Junction High School Tigers football team. They made widespread sports news as they played an entire season without being scored upon. The toughest game was in Salida. A special train carried fans to the meet which the Tigers won, breaking Salida’s winning streak of 39 games. The 1936 season total was Tigers 506 to 0 for their opponents. Rah Rah Tigers! (1937 Grand Junction High School Annual)

This is very cool. Thank you so much Suzy for finding it! This was from my posting a few days ago that talked about Grandpa Lowe's death. This is an exciting piece of history. Grandpa is number 18 in the picture. Other than less hair and more wrinkles he didn't change much through the years. He was interred at Fort Logan Last Friday. He served in the Navy during World War II, stationed in Washington D.C. Mom and Dad told me that the Navy branch is burying 26 soldiers itself at Fort Logan each day. We are losing our hero's fast, let's be grateful we had them!

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