Saturday, November 15, 2008

Moving onward

So today we begin week three on our writing project at NaNo. I have had pep talks provided to me, interaction with other writers participating in the process, and I am assured that the hard part is over. That the story will start flowing again, and my plot will begin to make sense. Here's the scary part for me. So far it hasn't been all that's been challenging, but not the quagmire I thought initially when I started week two. I had a few hours of "oh, shit," but not close to "death of a story" by any means. I kept slogging, and it kept coming one miserable word at a time...but not as miserable as I was led to believe it could be. It's not a great story, but the hardest part has been carving out the time to get the word count done. When I actually sit down and write, the writing seems to happen. So this is the new question: Should I be scared now? I'm beginning to think so. NaNo's ten years of experience has been that the second week is the toughest for writers. I'm guessing that because I haven't hit major roadblocks yet, they are waiting for me around the corner. So I am requesting that the NaNo universe keep an eye on me for this third week and grant me more writing material than I will know what to do with. Please...

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