Thursday, November 27, 2008


It's Thanksgiving so all over America people are waking up and asking themselves what they are thankful for. At least I hope they are. This country is in the biggest mess I've seen in my lifetime, and I've seen some messes. I watched the IT bubble burst and take thousands of people in Denver with it. Of course, my thought was then that they needed to be prepared, I saw it coming years before. Sadly, I didn't see this coming, but I've been focused in my own little world of recovery, writing, and Callie.

Which makes me intensely thankful. I survived the hell of my drinking, and by all indication of my history, I shouldn't be here at all. Because I am, I am completely thankful to whatever it was that saved my life. I don't often sit and wallow in my gratitude, my life is simply far too busy for that. And for that I am also thankful. I have the capacity to be able to live a life that about two years ago, I never thought was possible or even cared about trying to attain. I am not rich, but it's not all about money for me anymore. It's about living a life I love.

We spend a lot of time in meetings talking about gratitude. I find myself wandering through my day, and pausing for a split second to say "thank you" to God, the Universe, my guardian angels (who I must have completely exhausted in my drinking craze) and then going on with my day. Life runs in a Good Orderly Direction most days and I am glad to be here to be a part of it and grateful I have the ability to really appreciate every single second.

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