Thursday, December 18, 2008

10th annual pumkin run a bust

BOULDER (AP) - The first of 12 people cited with running down Boulder's Pearl Street Mall on Halloween night wearing nothing but pumpkins on their heads has accepted a plea deal.

Twenty-year-old Natalie Ziemba of Boulder pleaded guilty Thursday to disorderly conduct.

Under the agreement, she will receive six months of probation and eight hours of community service, and pay $27 in court fees.

Prosecutors say the same deal likely will be offered to the others facing charges in the 10th Naked Pumpkin Run, a popular Oct. 31 tradition that involves pumpkin carving, beer and a late-night naked run down the mall.

All 12 people originally faced indecent exposure charges, which would have required them to register as sex offenders.

Prosecutor David Chavel says the remaining cases are in negotiations with the Boulder district attorney's office.

That's how much the world has changed. When I was growing up in Boulder, naked was the norm. You would generally be cited for decent exposure. :-)

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