Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Callie and I had a great hike yesterday

Callie and I have been out to Devil's Canyon twice this week and it's only Wednesday. I really like to take advantage of the cool weather. In the summer it gets simply to scorching to take a black puppy, and there is no water out there like this time of year.

I like Devil's Canyon for a lot of reasons. It is close to home. It is BLM land, so Callie can go off-leash. It sits at the base of the Colorado National Monument, so the views are breathtaking. It has over 20 miles of trails that are loops upon loops upon loops, and each trail has it's own incredible scenery. Since my November project is done, and I had a couple days off work on the heels of it, Callie and I spent the last couple of days exploring a couple of different loops. Yesterday, she had just a kick of a time because we found really muddy water!

Callie rock climbing again!

Callie getting a drink of water and making sure she gets good and filthy! She jumped right on me aftter I took this picture. She doesn't usually do that...smartass!

This is just a pretty view. If you blow up the picture you can see the monument road cut into the mountain.

Callie checking out the view! Pretty incredible!


Suzy said...

It is lovely to see pictures of those hills! Takes me back! Certainly is the best time to be hiking in them!

I am so glad you are able to enjoy lovely scenery, weather that allows you to be out in it, and a companion that brings you joy! :)

gjwriter said...

I know. I'm really glad that I made it home and am well enough to really appreciate how lucky I am. I never take a minute for granted anymore. Callie really has been such a joy. She really loves life. Every single thing is such an adventure for her, and therefore, a great adventure for me. I love to see her having fun!