Sunday, December 28, 2008

My little love

I love one of the lines from the movie "Marley & Me". "A dog doesn't care if you're rich or your poor, give him your heart and he'll give you his." I haven't seen the movie yet, but I can't wait. I think the next day I'm off work I'll take it in.

Here is why that line is so poignant to me:

These are the remnants of Callie's fourth...yes, bed (I made her pose for this picture, isn't she cute!) The line from that movie means a lot to me because I am convinced that my dog wants to ensure that I am poor and absolutely have to have a job. If for nothing else, to keep a constant supply of dog beds (aka stuffed toys) in stock. She is not the worlds worst dog by any stretch, but she is certainly one of the most active! A side note: My friend Kara thinks I'm one of the most calm, in control people she knows...she finds it incredibly funny that Callie is as wild as she is, and that she's my dog. What she doesn't realize is what a great balance Callie is for me. I'm a little too serious, and Callie makes sure I lighten up and live life on life's terms.

P.S. If you blow up the picture, you can see her snazzy new collar Santa found for her at a craft fair. She had a blue collar, so everyone thought she was a boy, which started to irritate me, but I didn't like the pink collars at PetsMart, so Santa went hunting and found this one that is very pretty, subtle, yet feminine. Callie likes it too.


Suzy said...

That collar is gorgeous!!
I have the same problem with Israel... she wears a blue collar so everyone thinks she's a boy. Why that annoys me, I don't know, but it does. haha

I never thought to scour craft fairs for something better, but now I'll have to keep my eyes open!

She's adorable, if destructive! haha And you're a good mom!

gjwriter said...

Craft fairs have turned out to be good places to find many things. I'd have never thought of it either. It is funny we are possessive of our pets gender...I have to laugh.

Thank you for telling me I'm a good mom. I try. I'm far from perfect, but she has my full attention since I don't have kids or a significant other, so I can give her all my energy. She's a good puppy. When I did the novel writing month in November, she just hung with me. She let me flat out ignore her for hours at a time while I wrote. I think Scott and Mick are happy they gave her to me, they know she's in a safe place and spoiled simply rotten.