Monday, January 26, 2009

Witch Hunt

I was just flipping through the Denver Post and came across yet another article on a Pit Bull ban bill that has been introduced in Milwaukee. One little girl was bit because she stuck her head over someones fence and the dog bit her. Happened to be a Pit. Her mom apparently had an in with a council member and a bill was introduced (wonder if the mom had to give the councilman a blow job for it...)

It is beginning to make me mad. People do not get that it is the people who own the dogs, not the dogs, who are the problem. It has become a witch hunt in my mind. We don't hold people accountable for their actions, we simply destroy an animal. I commented on the article and said that I firmly believe that if this keeps up and Pits are banned, in a couple years the same people will want to ban Dachshunds because some little kid was stupid and got bit.

Even animal rights people have said, neither Pits nor any breed is inherently vicious, but they can be trained to be whatever the owner wants. It is very clear in looking at the dogs rescued from Michael Vick's horrendous operation that they are trusting dogs and responsive dogs. They want to please their owner, and sadly some owners are very sick people who will put them in dangerous situations. The dogs rescued from Vick's property have become loving family members and citizens of the communities they live in. I think that in itself says a lot about a dog having the right person to manage it, care for it and treat it with respect.

I know that we can't do much about people's stupidity, there will never be an end to people's illegal behavior and mistreatment of animals, but killing the animals one by one will not solve the problem. The people who use dogs for fighting and other illegal activity don't care about laws! They wouldn't be breaking the law in the first place if they were concerned about getting caught. All these laws do is punish law abiding citizens who are just trying to live their lives and want to share their life with a pet.

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