Sunday, February 15, 2009

A brief encounter

I was standing in the store yesterday doing my job and some man walked up to me. He said my name and told me who he was. I was shocked! He was a consultant for a high-tech company I recruited for 10 years ago! That he recognized me was amazing, that I remembered him, pretty incredible. We spent some time catching up, he introduced me to his wife. He said he had grown up over here, and I vaguely remember us talking about that when we were working together. I remembered later that someone at the time, so long ago, had mentioned that he was interested in me, but he never asked me out. He wouldn't have been my type anyway, he's a nice guy! I did date another guy at that company briefly who was quite the freak, so of course I was interested in him. I hope as I'm aging and getting to know myself better that I trust my instincts more. I think it helps that I don't drink them into submission. Not that I'm looking for a relationship, it really is the furthest thing from my mind. I'm not willing to set myself up and risk the last fall I took. I'm not there yet. I'm afraid I may never be there again.

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