Sunday, February 8, 2009


Carli belongs to my friend Dominic who lives in London. Dominic and I have been pen pals for over 12 years now. We lost touch for a bit when I lost myself, but have reconnected. It has been nice to be back in touch. I posted some pictures of Callie on another site that I belong to that friends and I can keep in touch, particularly those at a distance, and he sent me some pictures of his little girl. Carli is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Dominic said there was some "scaremongering" going on over there because a little girl got killed by one of the breed. He's right though, no one ever looked at the what the owner did or didn't do to the dog. People use a British term...wankers for the most part.

There are two things I think are interesting. One is his girl's name is Carli and my girl is Callie. He's had Carli for a long time, I remember getting pictures about six years ago, I think. I remember when I got Callie thinking I wanted a more English/Irish type name (her name means "lark" ). Carli is "small champion" in Gaelic. The second thing that strikes me is Carli's pose. This is Callie's most favorite position too. They are funny, amazing dogs. Everything is worth relishing in their minds. Strong, powerful and energetic dogs, but when they lay down, they sleep better than any other breed I've ever seen, and they absolutely thoroughly enjoy it!

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