Saturday, February 21, 2009

I just saw this article on Yahoo

INDIANAPOLIS (AP)—Two teams with unsettled quarterback situations—the San Francisco 49ers and the Minnesota Vikings—might be interested in acquiring suspended Atlanta Falcons star Michael Vick.

Vick is in federal prison on felony charges related to dogfighting and is scheduled to be released in July. The Falcons have said they will try to trade him, though they could cut him and make him a free agent.

The popular belief is that the 9er's will not end up pursuing Vick. They can put it out there all they want, but when it comes to public opinion, San Francisco is an unlikely place for him to hang his hat. It will be surprising to many people if it happens. Part of it is the San Fran liberal way of life and it is an absolute dog loving city. Many of the dogs taken from his property in Virginia live in Oakland now. BAD RAP is based in Oakland and some of those dogs are still in their care, and they are being very public about their rehab success with those now pets, and I think, debunking the Pit myth more and more each day. I have no idea about Minnesota, but they are in a witch hunt of their own and may celebrate this idiot.

I found the entire indictment online and read it to see what his involvement really was, since he says other people were just using his property, he was never there, and didn't know what was happening, but plead to reduce his sentence. He was directly involved in financing and promoting at least three dog fights that the feds know of, so he can't claim ignorance and people who say he's being picked on because he's a celebrity are misguided. The thing that was mind boggling about it was the purses were pretty low, around $2,600 for for a fight. Who would risk a $130 million contract for that? Well, now we know...

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