Monday, February 2, 2009

Night Heron

Callie and I went out to the Colorado River Trail this morning to log some miles and enjoy the respite from the freezing cold weather (it's been downright balmy here...thank heavens!). There is a tributary that feeds from the Gunnison River into the Colorado River and runs through the power plant along the trail. We often see Ducks, Geese and Quail along our route. Today we saw our first Heron. I saw them frequently in the pond when I lived on F1/2 Road, but this was Callie's first of her young life, and my first this year. And actually I'm not sure she even saw it, she was busy hunting for the biggest stick the trail had to offer. She found it. I can't believe what that girl can carry!
Anyway, the Heron was just sitting there in the tributary looking for breakfast and doing what they do really well...sitting very still and quiet and letting the water flow past, hoping a fish will be in the current. It was very cool!

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