Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vick Okay'd for home confinement

I just read Vick is getting closer to getting out of the Penn. The interesting thing about that article is there are several NFL teams that have said they won't touch him because of the wrath of animal lovers and PETA. I don't know why they'd be worried about PETA, they said and have continued to say the dogs should have been destroyed, they are a waste of resources. Which makes me think PETA is a waste of an organization. Back to the waste of humanity, Vick, the only thing this man can possibly do to try and redeem himself is become an animal rights advocate. That's just my personal opinion. People do make mistakes, I've have made my own unforgivable wreckage. But if he were really to get into the core of animals and their rights, and what we subject them to, he could be a voice for saving so many that lose their lives because human beings are generally idiots. Another thought on that, is he may be one voice who can reach the urban street fighters...just wishful thinking on my part. He's probably going to sit around and whine about his lot in life and how wronged he was by the system...I can hope people are better than that, but they generally aren't.

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