Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dangerous Drugs

There is a new drug being that is supposed to cure alcoholics of the obsession to drink. I have included my opinion on is only my opinion, but I feel strongly. Following is a very small part of the article that is on

Addiction is a brain disease (Duh!), not just a failure of willpower. Naltrexone and topiramate have slightly different mechanisms, but both seem to block the release of brain chemicals that are linked to pleasure and excitement. Unlike earlier drugs used to treat alcoholics, neither is addictive or carries significant side effects. It does appear that each might work better in certain subgroups -- topiramate for repeat relapsers, and naltrexone in people with a strong family history of alcoholism.

Maybe they will work, don't let me be a nay sayer, however, this is dangerous territory. An alcoholic who desperately wants to quit drinking and has gone to any lengths and still failed, may benefit, if they are constitutionally capable of being honest with themselves and they work a program along with them. There are those, however, and they are many, who will use this as a free pass. Alcoholism is but a symptom of my problem. Yes, I am hard wired no doubt, and my family history made it difficult for me to escape as a "moderate drinker" among drunks. However, what I have found is that staying sober and working a 12-step program is exactly what I need to create a life worth living. I don't need another drug to medicate myself and avoid my problems all over again.


Anonymous said...

I knew this post did not read smoothly the first time I read it. Now I know why. First line says "There is a new drug being that is supposed"

Unless the new drug is actually named being, you musta meant "There is a new drug being made/sythesized that is supposed to .....

I have time to peruse your posts on Tuesday darling, so be careful :))

gjwriter said...

Thank you for the correction...although, that means you have too much time on your hands...:-)