Thursday, April 16, 2009

Puerto Vallarta

I just checked the temperature in Puerto Vallarta...75 degrees and balmy. I loved it there. We were there for about a month on the boat, and spent a few days south in Yelapa. When I was there in 1996 the only way to get to Yelapa still was by boat. I heard they have since built a road from Puerto Vallarta to Yelapa. Yelapa had incredible hiking that led to magnificent waterfalls, and then back to the beach for a taco at one of the shacks. Some people were brave enough to parasail into the cove. When we were there in 1973, there was no one else around, now it's a hot tourist spot. The spot I stayed in 1996 is probably still there, but under a different name. It was the Camino Real at the time and sat in South Vallarta in another cove. All beaches in Mexico are public, but the way the hotel sat, it seemed private because you had to walk through the hotel to get to the beach. I remember watching sting rays play in waves in the mornings all along the stretch of the hotel. I'd walk up the driveway of the hotel and catch a public bus for a peso and go to downtown Vallarta and wander the flea market on Wednesday and sit at small taco stands along the street and eat till I thought I'd explode. I have a friend who knows some people who live there. Sometimes I think that would be just grand, but I know the problems of Mexico are large and it is so far away from home, but I would love to visit again.

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