Saturday, May 2, 2009

I've decided to twelve step my weight problem

I've gained fifty pounds since I got sober. Most of it in the first six months of sobriety. I've had no issues maintaining my high weight level since then. :-) I've been thinking about it for a couple of days and I know I have tried diets, exercise, all the fun stuff that goes with being skinny. When I quit drinking, I replaced the sugar in alcohol with the sugar in brownies, cookies and candy bars. I can't get enough sweets into my really is quite disgusting. So I sat down this morning and took the twelve steps of AA and tailored them to my weight and health issues. Step one, I am powerless over food and my weight has become unmanageable.

I can say that I am tired most of the time, I'm cranky, I have no patience for anyone or anything, I avoid any activity I don't have to do...hmmmm....sounds like me when I was drinking. I also have excuses galore for all of it, like I did while drinking. Well... I quit drinking, so I'm eating, I'm cutting myself some slack...along with another piece of cake! I figure, at best, I have another forty years in this life, and I want it to be healthy and active and full of life and love, not brownies and bigger pants. I want to go to Glenwood and not be embarrassed to get into my swimming suit. I don't want my legs to jiggle or rub together when I walk. I give myself credit: I have made tremendous progress in my emotional life since I've quit drinking, but I find I still eat out of boredom, anger, loneliness...all of the things I drank over. I know twelve step programs work for me, and I believe it can work in any area of my life I apply it to, so I'll try it here and see if I can't light another fire under myself and get healthy.

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