Monday, May 4, 2009

Quick neighborhood rescue

My neighbors own a small pit bull type dog named Tallulah. She is an incredibly well behaved dog. I took Callie out for a walk this morning and noticed that Tallulah was out by herself, which never happens. There is always someone around. I didn't know what to do because even though she is well behaved, I don't know her. And even having owned Callie for a while, I am still leery of strong breed dogs that I don't know personally. She came into my yard and I told her to go home, which she promptly did. But I don't think anyone was home and I didn't want to approach her door without knowing her. Anyway, a neighbor came along who does know her and says the guy who owns her has worked with her quite a bit and she wouldn't run off, which is good news, but I talked the neighbor into trying to get Tallulah back into her own back yard, which is fenced (have him get bit rather than me :)) He got her into her yard without incident. Glad I could save the neighbor dog. I hate it when they get out and wander and get hit by a car or picked up by animal control. I'd rather try to be a good neighbor and get them home safely. I don't particularly care for my neighbors and their loud drinking parties, but I have to say, they have certainly appeared to be really good dog owners. Guess you can't judge people by outward appearances.

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