Sunday, May 24, 2009

Springtime in the Rockies

I love springtime in the Rockies. It is Memorial weekend and ever since I can remember, it has rained on this weekend...all weekend. Everyone rushes out of town to camp in the mountains in the rain...together. I hope they're having fun! I am here because I have to work, and I go to Gunnison in a couple of weeks...when it will be sunny and bright and beautiful. Because I stayed in town, here is what the rain has brought me to see in my very own yard: The roses are starting to bloom and are just as beautiful this year as last year; I just watched two butterflies fly past my front window as I type this; when Callie and I were out for our walk, we watched Robin's eating worms, a snail crawl across the street, and a hummingbird fly overhead...all in my own yard! I just love Colorado more and more each day!


Suzy said...

So wonderful!

gjwriter said...

Getting better every day!