Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bangs Canyon

Callie and I have been exploring the hiking in Bangs Canyon pretty intently of late. We have had a nice cool spring/summer so far and have taken serious advantage of the weather. Today we explored the Tabegauche trail, a few days ago we hit the Little Park trail. Before that the Mica Mine and The Ribbon. From looking around the canyon and studying the map, I think we could explore for months and not cover all of the trails. I like it because Callie can go off leash and I get some exercise while being a lazy dog walker at the same time. The drive is at the most twenty minutes to the top. The hike we did today was ten minutes from the house and we hiked for 45 minutes. It was uphill all the way, so I feel good about the cardio benefit I received. I feel like one of the luckiest people on earth. We live in a beautiful area, with fantastic places to go and be and enjoy nature so close at hand, and I feel so grateful to have the ability and capacity to be able to take full advantage of what I have. This feels like the best time in my life, even though I really have no material possessions or monetary security, I have discovered they never brought me happiness (for one brief time, I had it all). What I have is my sobriety, and because of that I have a life worth living. I have the ability to earn a living that supports a life I treasure, and I love that I appreciate it and am able to enjoy what the world has given me as a result.

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