Friday, June 12, 2009

Nicholas the House Monkey

Grandma has gotten pretty sick of late. It's been coming for a long time, but dementia has set in and we moved her to a nursing home yesterday. I now have Nicholas, her cat. She adopted him when he was three weeks old and his mom was chased off by the neighbors dog. Their attachment has been strong and this has been incredibly hard on him. There was a pretty horrific event that lead up to Grandma having to go to nursing care, and my Mom tells me that Nicholas knew that day something was very wrong. Now his whole life is upended and he's back to living with Abbie and now he deals with Callie on a daily basis. She's terrified of him (she doesn't know Grandma had him de-clawed). He's warming up slowly...very slowly. He makes me crazy because he is into everything. Especially anything on the kitchen counter, and I can't keep him off. Above anything else, pets on the counter make me nuts! We've had it out more than once, and all I can say is I'm grateful he doesn't have claws, he would have taken me out! I haven't decided if this is going to work over the long term, but I do know that even in Grandma's dementia she remembers him and asks about him, so the least I can do since she saved my life is try to save his, and if I can't make it work, maybe I can find a safe place for him, as she found for me.

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