Saturday, July 18, 2009


The sweet corn harvest began in Olathe on Wednesday, which means one of the Western Slope's sweetest delicacies will soon be in farmers markets and grocery vegetable bins in Colorado, and in markets as far away as Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Texas and Washington.

This year's harvest is sizing up to about 550,000 cases of corn that each contain 48 ears, said John Harold, owner of the 1,300-acre Tuxedo Corn Co. farm. He has been been growing corn for 28 years.

He said this year's quirky weather moved the harvest up two days earlier than last year.

Hard to believe how fast the summer has gone. People mark their calenders for the time we can relish Olathe sweet corn. Yummo! Of course it is cause for celebration, however, as a store manager, I am aware that we must be very careful. Customers have been known to pummel each other for the privilege of being first to pick their corn :-)!!

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