Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Denver Post - Two people were indicted late Monday by the federal grand jury in Denver for the death of a dog and subsequent cover-up.

Buddy, a German shepherd mix, was dragged three miles up a steep, snowy road at the Colorado National Monument.

Steven Clay Romero, 37, of Grand Junction, did "knowingly torture, needlessly mutilate and needlessly kill" the dog, according to the indictment.

The grand jury alleged that Romero tied a rope around the bumper of a vehicle and tied the other end of the rope around Buddy's neck and dragged the German shepherd mix until it died.

Romero's sister, Marie Lockhart, 32, of Fruita, was also indicted.

The grand jury alleged that Lockhart knew that Romero had killed Buddy early on Dec. 30 but lied when questioned by law enforcement.

If this case actually makes it to trial they may have to change venue to a U.S. Territory. I've never seen a case garner so much attention and selecting a jury will be incredibly hard. I think this case shows the depth of human evilness and tears at our conscience. It was premeditated and horrific in its execution. I know it would kill me if something like this happened to Callie, and I am overly protective of her. Buddy was some one's beloved pet, he was no less. Just because he was a dog doesn't make him less valuable. If anything, he should be a lesson in what people are capable of and how low they will go. I so hope that someday we figure out how to permanently stop these cruel acts. This is no better or no worse than human beings using dogs for fighting or mercilessly beating them. Animals are our responsibility. We owe them the duty of caring for them in nothing less than a caring and compassionate manner. Dogs would never treat us the way we have treated them.

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