Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Callie is soon to have her own yard

Look at that frup!  She was so little when she came into my life.  Tomorrow Callie will be two.  I don't know her real birthday, so I made April 1st her official birthday celebration.  That's because the joke was on me.  Who knew this little critter could bring so much joy to my life?  Everyday with her is fabulous and different and exciting.  She is a true lover of life and relishes every single minute.  For her birthday, I got her some new digs.  She will now have her own yard.  She has a yard now, but it's not fenced, so when she's outside, she has to be tied up.  And she loves to be outside!  So I am going to make that happen for her.  She will have the safety of a six foot fence and all the grass she wants to kill!  Callie knows something cool is happening, but she doesn't know what.  It  doesn't matter, she's game for any of it!  Now all she needs is a dog house and I'll probably never see her again!  She'll be in dog heaven with her own space and freedom to roam.  I'm pretty excited too.  I get more room for me and a bigger kitchen.  Life is good!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Romero to plead guilty

Federal prosecutors have struck a plea agreement with a man accused of torturing and killing a stolen dog on Colorado National Monument.
Steven Clay Romero, 38, of Grand Junction, is expected to plead guilty to aggravated cruelty to animals, the lone count lodged against him by a federal grand jury earlier this year, according to court filings.
The terms of Romero’s agreement with prosecutors aren’t specified.
Edward Pluss, Romero’s federal public defender, filed notice of the plea agreement Thursday in U.S. District Court in Denver. Both sides in the case are expected to meet next week to schedule a plea hearing.
This case did bring national and international attention to the grand valley.  Buddy is a prime example of human behavior out of control.  Please remember there are hundreds of thousands of animals in this world that human beings domesticated and are now abusing and neglecting who need our help.  Best Friends in Utah is an organization doing the right things for the right reasons for all domesticated animals.  And please remember, if you want a pet, check your local shelter first.  I have found the best pets I've ever had there.  They have brought me a life of joy and I could never imagine being without them.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Only in Boulder

There are so many things I miss about Boulder.  The great off-leash hiking trails, Moe's bagels, the downtown mall, the free love hippie culture...Oh, I get that same thing here!  I also miss the do whatever feels good culture that used to be Boulder and, alas, is no more.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another new favorite

I just made grilled pork chops and put it over a bed of Parmesan Couscous and covered it all with a Pear Chutney that has all the great stuff a good chutney has.  Yummo!  I could be better than Rachel Ray...I made it less than ten minutes!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Stop!  Reverse!  Go that direction!  No!  Go this direction!  Seems to be the tone of my life.  They are choices I never knew I had until the program.  Now I have choices I never believed I could have.  My life continues on a scattered, obscure, odd trail.  But I know I am closer to the right path.  I may already be on it.  And I have to believe, that if I keep searching, I will see what this has all been about.  I may find myself in a place I never thought of looking in my wildest imagination, and it will surprise me in ways I never thought possible.