Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Callie is soon to have her own yard

Look at that frup!  She was so little when she came into my life.  Tomorrow Callie will be two.  I don't know her real birthday, so I made April 1st her official birthday celebration.  That's because the joke was on me.  Who knew this little critter could bring so much joy to my life?  Everyday with her is fabulous and different and exciting.  She is a true lover of life and relishes every single minute.  For her birthday, I got her some new digs.  She will now have her own yard.  She has a yard now, but it's not fenced, so when she's outside, she has to be tied up.  And she loves to be outside!  So I am going to make that happen for her.  She will have the safety of a six foot fence and all the grass she wants to kill!  Callie knows something cool is happening, but she doesn't know what.  It  doesn't matter, she's game for any of it!  Now all she needs is a dog house and I'll probably never see her again!  She'll be in dog heaven with her own space and freedom to roam.  I'm pretty excited too.  I get more room for me and a bigger kitchen.  Life is good!

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