Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thank you

In the title is a link to an article that has run in the Denver Post.  Finally, someone had the temerity to take on the press regarding their publication of articles about attacks by strong breed dogs, especially Pit Bull type dogs.  Maybe rational heads are prevailing after a long drawn out battle.  It is hard to say what will come next.  My hope is that it goes viral and there is some real discussion about the problems and ultimate failure of Breed Specific Legislation.  Anyone who has ever owned this kind of dog and is a rational, reasonable human being, can't help but get on the band wagon to try and save them from this holocaust that is happening across our nation.  I am more amazed every single day by how lucky I am that Callie is sharing my life.  I wish human beings would get it.  Dogs love us so much and expect so little, and what we do to them is indefensible.  For those out there who are responsible and caring, if you haven't yet, kiss your dog today.   

My comment to the post:

Thank you Monika Courtney for your well spoken rational thoughts about the media's responsibility and poor reporting. Credit also to the Denver Post for being willing to take a look and publish the truth. It's about time. I did a tremendous amount of research on the Pit Bull "type" dog before making a decision to keep my dog who was a stray given to me by friends. What I found are incredible heroic acts by reasonable human beings to dispel the myths surrounding these dogs. I found grass roots organizations taking on the establishment to save innocent lives, and I found a fantastic dog, who has become an incredible friend, terrific hiking buddy and loyal companion to me, my family and yes, other dogs and cats around me. I am glad that I found out the truth or I would have missed an incredible experience to have this pure joy in my life. I feel sad for the dogs that suffer at the hands of irresponsible and often criminal human beings because they happen to be a "strong breed". The web is replete with stories of these dogs unbelievable acts of kindness in spite of the hand they've been dealt. Fabulous resources are BAD RAP, and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary who have shown, because a compassionate judge ruled Michael Vick's dogs victims, a capacity to heal and help heal others through their therapy work. I have never been more impressed with an animal than I am with the Pit Bull "type" dog. They are fantastic animals who have been the victims of a holocaust, and the media is greatly responsible for publishing human beings inability to take responsibility for their failings. Human Beings are responsible for abusing them, using them wrongly and that's why it is dog fighting is a felony. No matter what breed or type of dog you have, please love them. They give us so much and expect so little.

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